Spencer: What’s it like to run away?

Toby: Cold. Didn’t you ever run away?

Spencer: Once. I think I was 7. My sister and I had an argument over something, and my parents took Melissa’s side.

Toby: What were you fighting about?

Spencer: Some great injustice. I can’t remember now. But they sided with her. So I made a tuna-salad sandwich and I ran away.

Toby: Where’d you go?

Spencer: The movies. It was something animated. There was a princess. And everybody was singing. And I got lonely. And I ate my tuna-salad sandwich and I came home.

Toby: Were your parents worried?

Spencer: They hadn’t even noticed I was gone.

Toby: Do me a favor.

Spencer: What?

Toby: If you ever get the urge to run away again, call me first, okay?

Spencer: Okay.

Paradox, chase me.

C’est trop éphémère. Et Je suis effrayée par le temps qui passe.

Cela signifie que l’on ne ressent que partiellement des sentiments ? Pourtant je tiens à lui.

Je crois que je l’aime.